Do Right Educational Sports Program

Team Code of Conduct Rules.


All Parents/Guardians who have children participating with Do Right Track & Field Club must abide by the following code of Conduct. Any violations of these rules or any Do Right Track Club rule will result in immediate expulsion.

I/We agree to be a positive role model and to make sure my child has the best athletic experience possible.

I/We agree to encourage good sportsmanship by demonstrating positive support for all athletes, coaches, officials, and administrators at all time.

I/We agree to support the coaches, officials and administrators working with my child in order to encourage a positive and enjoyable experience for all.

I/We agree to ensure my child treats other athletes, coaches, officials, administrators and fans with respect.

I/We agree to allow the coach to be the only coach; providing contradictory instruction may conflict with the coach’s plans and strategies.

I/We agree to notify a Coach/Team Manager if my child in unable to make a scheduled track meet.

I/We agree to notify a Coach/Team Manager prior to leaving a track meet early.

I/We agree to show respect for the coaches, support groups, spectators and opposing athletes.

I/We agree to praise all USATF athletes in their attempt to improve themselves as students, as athletes and as people.

I/We agree to take time to speak with coaches in an appropriate manner, to include proper time and place. If there is a concern, be sure to speak with the coach right away.


Given our belief that Athletics provide a unique opportunity for the development of physical conditioning, athletic skill, and character traits, we expect every DRTFC athlete to adhere to the following rules:

For the safety of the team, all athletes should remain in the confines of the team camp during competition, athletes under 9 years of age, must be accompanied by an older team mate, coach or parent to the event check in area, bathroom, or food court.

I will show respect for Coaches, Officials, Parents, and Opponents.

I will observe the rules of the sport in spirit as well as in letter.

I will give an honest and sincere effort at each practice, and in competition.

I will work to develop the skills necessary to participate competently in track and field.

I will observe all rules of behavior set forth by USATF Arizona Association of Track and Field.

I will be subject to disciplinary action for conduct detrimental to the team.

I will stay in the designated area during track meets and will not leave without informing a Coach/Team Manager.

I will compete in the designated DRTFC uniform unless prior approval is received from the team.

I will show team spirit, encourage others and contribute to good morale.

I will set a good example for teammates, and younger athletes.

I will accept responsibility for consequences of actions, to not make excuses or blame others.

I agree to accept losing and winning graciously; by congratulating opponents and by not sulking or displaying other negative behaviors.

By rendering payment I affirm I have read the code of conduct and agree to it’s terms and the team has no refunds/transfer of fees for any reason.


Practice days are MON,TUES & THURS.  Make up days will be on Weds the week of a track meet and Saturdays off meet week.

Jan-April 4:30-6:30  

April-Aug  5:15-7:30