Do Right Educational Sports Program




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Do Right Educational Sports Program is a 501c Non-Profit Organization

All Donations & Sponsorships are eligible for tax credit. Please contact us if you would like to make a donation/sponsorship to our organization.  Your sponsorship will help us facilitate the needs of team equipement, out of town travel cost which include, airfare, car rental, hotel costs and meal cost to our athletes.  Funds will also be used to further our educational scholarship programs that recognizes and awards excelling academics and educational accomplishments. To speak with a member of our staff regarding fundraising, please contact us at or 602-446-1526


Practice days are MON,TUES & THURS.  Make up days will be on Weds the week of a track meet and Saturdays off meet week.

Jan-April 4:30-6:30  

April-Aug  5:15-7:30